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Our Services


Our preschool admits children between the ages of 0- 5 years. We have an Early Childhood Center (ECC) that provides an environment where children become independent, confident, lifelong learners with a strong sense of self. We proudly offer a positive child-centred preschool experience that fosters a love for learning in a nurturing community. In each child we strive to cultivate autonomy, a sense of belonging, respect for others and an enthusiasm for exploration.

Transport Service

Our transport service is our catalyst business. Our professionally-trained drivers and attendants pick up registered children from their homes and drop them off at their respective schools in the morning. A return trip is offered in the afternoon where kids are picked from their schools to their homes or to our center where they are engaged in co-curricular activities. Parents can conveniently pick up their kids after work from our center or arrange for Topkid to drop them at home.

After-school Care

Our after-school care services include homework supervision and extra tuition at our center. Other activities that children get to engage in include piano, chess, skating, tennis, STEM club and many more. These activities are also available at the weekends.

Child Salon

Our child salon provides the best grooming for children. Attached to the child salon is an adult salon where parents can also have all their grooming needs met.

Adult Social Club

Our adult social club offers a stimulating social environment for older adults (seniors), enabling them to enjoy planned activities in a group setting. This promotes their mental alertness and physical wellbeing. They are offered transportation services to and from their homes to the center where they engage in various activities such as field trips within Accra and out of Accra. Trips out of Accra are organized for them to visit attractions in Cape Coast, Takoradi, Kumasi and other towns/cities. On these trips, they can visit family and friends. We also take them to their hospital appointments when requested and our well-trained attendants are always available to take them to the supermarkets for their grocery shopping.

Dental & Paediatric Clinics

Our onsite dental and paediatric clinics serve both Topkid children and the general public. Specialist doctors are always available to provide medical care.

Summer school

Summer school is held during the long vacations. We engage children during the school holidays with various educational and fun activities.

New Mother Matriculation

Our New Mother Matriculation is a periodic workshop for expectant and new mothers. Resource persons come in to educate new mothers about traditional and contemporary methods on how to best take care of themselves and their babies during pregnancy, child birth and after birth.

Topkid Media

Topkid media is our exclusive child TV facility where general news and the like are presented by children for children in a child-friendly language. Programmes on the channel include:

• News
• Townhall for kids
• Coverage of events in various schools
• Coverage of festivals and traditional events across the country
• Current affairs
• Entertainment